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Dr. Simeons HCG Diet

We are now living such a fast-paced world that is brought to us by modernization. There are a number of new stuffs that we become so interested with and we tend to forget about the old vital ones. Our health for example is something that we should all be concerned with more than anything else.  We get very busy and hyped with the latest trends in the mobile industry and in the gadget world as a whole, we get busy, very busy with family and friends, with our career that we most often forget to eat on time. If we are eating, we eat either on the run or we eat not-so balanced and in-nutritious foods. And those who are very particular of their figure may not eat at all and tend to starve themselves just to avoid getting fat or gaining some weight. Dr. Simeons HCG DietYet, there is still a high prevalence rate of obese people.  And thousands of these obese people are struggling so much to lose weight or even to live a long and healthy life. Thus, Dr. Simeons hcg diet protocol becomes very prominent. This is called to be the new approach to Obesity.

The first Dr. Simeons hcg diet report was published in the year 1954 by the medical doctor A.T.W. Simeons himself. He was the first to discover the use of hcg or the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin as a treatment to obesity while he was practicing in Rome, Italy. It says that by accumulating adipose tissue, it will be easier and faster to eliminate fat tissue. This is one of the major discoveries in the field of medicine when it comes to obesity issues. It is intensely widespread to all civilized races. Obesity still remained to be a problem until now, and we now know that it is a disorder. It is due to an abnormal functioning of some body parts that even the slightest ounce of accumulated fat is always tantamount to a disorder of particular bodily regulations. People suffering from this disorder will continue to get fat regardless if they eat small amount of food or not; whether they eat excessively, normally or below normal.  This kind of disorder has different levels of severity therefore, requires different approaches. For those who are with severe cases, they will accumulate fats rapidly. Those with moderate conditions will increase weight in a gradual manner and those with mild conditions may be able to keep their extra weight stable or stagnant for a long time. All these three conditions may be addressed but only on a temporary basis. A loss of weight due to dieting, due to a medical condition such as a thyroid treatment, due to laxatives, heavy work-outs, massage may work sometime but it will be rapidly regained as soon as the loosing factor is reduced. This is solely because, it is not the true culprit that is being corrected or addressed.

As obese people nowadays should be thankful to this discovery, many others are also benefited by it. Having mentioned some of the unhealthy eating habits, it is good to acknowledge that it is also accompanied by sleeping late at night. We may be able to get away with all of these while we are still young, but eventually, these things will catch up on us. Developing the quality of our lives is crucial during the beginning of our early years. This is being set in motion by the things that we do during our younger days.  It is said that in building a house, it needs a strong foundation. This also goes with our body in connection with what we take in, with what we eat and drink. More often than not, we are not particular or we forget this kind of things. Dr. Simeons hcg diet can provide remedy to every case of obesity and is a highly recommended diet technique. But this is not that simple because it counters the discipline and the sense responsibility of people. It requires time too as it is a long process and greatly requires the full effort of the patient and a full cooperation between him or her and the doctor.

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